Kelsey Rowe and Nathan Woods Named Associate Partners

Eight people have been promoted as we begin 2019.

Design Collaborative has named two new Associate Partners of the firm. Electrical Engineer Kelsey Rowe and Architect Nathan Woods become the third and fourth associate partners, serving alongside eight partners. Kelsey joined the firm in 2010, and Nathan joined in 2011.
Design Collaborative’s employees typically begin as associates and are promoted to senior associates, then associate partners, and finally full partner. Each level includes specific leadership criteria and performance goals for individuals being considered. The leadership team consists of all senior associates, associate partners, and partners.
“Working at Design Collaborative allows for creativity and pushes me constantly to improve,” said Associate Partner and Electrical Engineer Kelsey Rowe. “We have stretch goals ahead of us, and I’m grateful to be part of a team who can get us there. I look forward to being able to plug in with this new role and am excited to see where we go from here.”
“It’s a great honor and privilege to work with a team as passionately committed to improving our world as the team at Design Collaborative,” said Associate Partner and Architect Nathan Woods. “I learn something new every day from this team, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to pay that back in an even bigger way in my new role.”
Additionally, six people have been promoted to Senior Associate – Architect Ryan Birkey; Architect Matt Elliott; Architect Jeremiah Hatfield; Architect Adam James; Architect Mike Niezer and Director of Marketing Jason Villarreal.
Congratulations to these eight people! They’ve worked toward these new roles through their hard work and accomplishments. We look forward to seeing their continued contributions to Design Collaborative and our community!