Environmental Graphics Bring Brands to Life

Graphic design is typically thought of as business cards and brochures. But it really does subtlety impact everything that you experience on a daily basis.

Environmental graphics help bring a brand to life through wayfinding and signage, logo and identity, imagery, and texture. As Design Collaborative’s graphic designer, I work closely with our architectural and interior design teams to make clients’ unique brands a visibly important part of DC’s work.

Skyline Tower

At Skyline Tower, the modern aesthetic of the exterior was carried through the building through building signage, including the monument design, lettering above the entrance, the lobby graphics, and unit plaques. The graphic design helps potential residents understand, at a glance, the high-end quality of the building and its amenities.

Defiance College

Defiance College transformed an outdated building into a modern recruiting center, helping to attract new student athletes to its many sports teams. Surface applied graphics were used to encourage school spirit and reinvigorate the excitement surrounding collegiate sports at Defiance. During the discovery process for this project, I learned the student spectators called themselves “Jacket Nation” (the mascot is a yellow jacket). By adding this to the wall in the recruitment center, it solidifies a rallying cry for students moving forward. “The Swarm Awaits” message was used in the locker room entrances to not only encourage current team members, but also as a recruitment tool for prospective student athletes visiting the space. How cool is it that potential student athletes can stand by that phrase on the wall and know that Defiance is waiting for them?

Van Wert Health North

Van Wert Health recently rebranded to reflect their position as a premier healthcare provider in northwest Ohio. Van Wert Health North is the first space to use the new brand standards to influence the interiors. The new, modern look influences ADA and patient room signage, hanging directional signage, monument and site markers, and a few lobby graphics. The new look is an outward expression of the quality and sophistication of care that patients can expect to receive through Van Wert Health.

Alliance Catholic Credit Union

Alliance Catholic Credit Union had strong graphic elements already established in previously renovated branches. As we renovated a new space for them, my job was to discover how and where to apply their established graphics as well as a few new ideas. My favorite element in this branch is the subtle cross graphic which was pulled from their logo that flows across a conference room and adjacent wall. This visually connects the space and creates a nice point of interest without visually dominating the space.

Graphic design is typically thought of as business cards and brochures. But it really does subtlety impact everything that you experience on a daily basis. It’s my job to make sure that those elements have a purpose and are speaking the same language as the client so when end users walk into a space, things that I create help to tell a client’s brand story and help guide an end user through the story.

Katie Briner
Associate, Graphic Designer