DC25: More Than a Name

After 25 years in business, it’s hard not to look back and reminisce a bit.

DC25: More Than a Name

When two architects and an engineer decided to start a new kind of design firm in 1992, one of the first questions they had to answer was: what should we call this thing? Like any good designers, they started with the big ideas. First, they wanted to create something that would live well beyond their time as owners. Second, they wanted to create an environment where design would be a group conversation from a variety of perspectives.


Design Collaborative is more than a clever name. It’s a recognition that we, as designers, need to work side-by-side with our clients and with one another to create meaningful, people-first designs. It’s a recognition that design challenges rarely fit into neat, self-contained boxes. It’s a recognition that design is best when approached from multiple points of view. It’s a recognition that together we can do better than any of us ever could alone.



After 25 years in business, it’s hard not to look back and reminisce a bit. Happily, the rear view mirror tells us that we’ve worked hard to live up to our founding values. We’ve grown from a collaborative of a few architects and engineers to over 50 architects, engineers, interior designers, planners, and graphic designers — all part of one team working toward the same vision.


In the next 25 years, we’ll continue to expand so we can include more perspectives, specialties, and people. Design challenges still don’t fit into those tidy little boxes, and we’ll continue to look for new ways to meet the deeper needs of our clients. We’ll continue to work together as one team to create people-first places. No one can say for sure what the next 25 years will hold, but we do know one thing — for us, they will be collaborative.


Jason Villarreal CPSM
Director of Marketing