Charlotte: A City of Gold

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DC fell in love with this gem of a city for many reasons, although gold wasn’t one of them! Back in the 1700s, however, gold is what drew many to the area. In fact, the first documented gold find in the United States happened to be in Cabarrus County, a small part of Charlotte, NC!

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In 1799, a farmer’s son in Cabarrus County found a large yellow rock weighing about 17lbs in their farm’s creek. Ironically, they had no idea of its value and used it as a doorstop for several years.

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Three years later, a local jeweler identified the rock as a gold nugget. He paid the farmer $3.50 for it! What a steal. From there, gold fever spread, and a mining operation began. Other farmers nearby started to search for gold as well, and people started traveling to the area in search of their own gold finds.

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Today, the mine from the first gold find still stands, and you can take a guided tour underground to see historic mining equipment and, of course, gold.

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More fascinating discoveries to be shared about this exciting city as we continue our journey in Charlotte! Be sure to follow along with our next Charlotte highlight.
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