Behind the Scenes Tour of Pizza Hut® of Fort Wayne's New Headquarters

Pizza Hut® of Fort Wayne recently moved into their new headquarters in downtown Fort Wayne. In Aprilwe previewed this exciting project in IMPRINT and promised to share the completed photos with you. Follow us on a tour of their exciting new space.
The entry lobby showcases a modern welcome desk with the original Pizza Hut® logo. It is accessible and welcoming, allowing personal space yet open for engagement and collaboration.
The entry lobby connects to a large community hub and team training space that serves as the heart of the office. The hub is a place where the Pizza Hut® staff can meet, mingle and connect with each other and the restaurant teams.

Beyond the communal spaces, departments are organized in an efficient manner that supports group work among the departments, as well as personal, focused work.
The hallway features Pizza Hut® founder Dick Freeland and a brief history of how Pizza Hut® began on a pizza slice-shaped wall design.
On a stunning wood crafted wall is the phrase, “Every pizza is somebody’s meal.” Outlined on the wall is a map of Fort Wayne showing all of the Pizza Hut® locations in the city and surrounding areas. New icons can be added to the map as new Pizza Hut® locations develop.
The Pizza Hut® training room is open and spacious with two large screens for presentations. On one side of the room, large windows bring in natural light. On the other side, glass walls give a more open feel to the space, while the frosted pizza slice-shaped graphics on the glass allow for privacy. The Pizza Hut® red accents give a pop of color to elevate the space.
At the front of the training room is a pizza pan wall featuring Pizza Hut® phrases such as, “We will engage in challenging work that brings a smile to our guests’ faces.”
Pizza Hut® wanted people to enjoy coming to work and be able to share ideas while they worked with one another. Together, we created a workplace that better supports the Pizza Hut® business, boosts employee engagement, enables collaboration throughout the organization and connects the team with the tradition and message of a business story.